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Heatpress / Direct To Film Transfer

A Heatpress is a machine designed to imprint a design onto an item with the application of both heat and pressure for a preset period of time. Before an item can actually be heatpressed, the design must first be created on a computer. That design is then sent to either a vinyl cutter or to a direct to film transfer printer. If vinyl is being used, the cutter will trace the image onto the vinyl and the excess vinyl must be removed or weeded away from the desired design before being pressed onto the item. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors including neon, glitter, and reflective.
The other option that Gray’s Cappie Sportswear has for heatpress is printing designs on a direct to film transfer machine. This machine is similar to an inkjet printer in that it places ink onto transfer film, which is then coated in an adhesive powder before being cut and heatpressed onto an item. Direct to film transfers enable flexibility in creating intricate and extensive designs.